1998 and 2019 are the best years of my life – Irene Opare


Veteran actress, Irene Opare has named the years 1998 and 2019 as the best years of her life.

The mother of one explained that the two years were the periods in her life she experienced real joy.

She told MzGee in a conversation on Joynews that 1998 was the year she had her first and only biological daughter, Fafa Kai while she reconnected her relationship with God in 2019.

” 1998 was the year I had my daughter, Fafa Kai. I love her to bits, she’s my heart beat. I always thank God for her life. So 1998 was a very good year for me.” she said

” And now 2019, I’ve met a man of God. I did’t belong to any church but now I’m fellowshiping for about three months now. And I’m so happy”

“…so 1998 and 2019 are years I love alot and I’ll never forget these years” she concluded

She added that she has other adopted children beyond her biological daughter.


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