33 herbal medicines to manage COVID-19 to be ready soon


Results of tests on some 33 herbal medicines which may be considered for the treatment of COVID-19 in Ghana will be ready by close of this week.

The herbal preparations submitted by the Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners to the Ministry of Health are mainly immune boosters which the herbalists say can help manage coronavirus.

Calls for the use of Herbal medicines for the treatment of the coronavirus have increased after a sharp rise in cases and claims by Madagascar that a herbal preparation, ‘COVID Organics’ has been effective for the management of COVID patients in that country.

Director in Charge of Traditional and Alternative Medicine at the Ministry of Health, Dr Anastasia Yirenkyi in an interview with Ibrahim Kwarteng on Behind the News said the results of the tests will show whether any of the medicines could cure the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Association of Medical Herbalists has called for rational use of herbal Medicines as use without recourse to its contents could result in serious health implications.

President of the Association Dr. Tony Mensah while expressing optimism about the samples submitted to the Center for Plant Medicine for testing, said if approved, they must be used appropriately.


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