“President Rawlings was the man of the people” – Kojo Antwi


Music maestro Kojo Antwi has shared his heartwarming encounter with former President J.J Rawlings.

Kojo Antwi described the leader as a man of the people and a great African leader who would not think twice about mingling with ordinary people.

“President Rawlings was the man of the people, he would not think twice about going to the people at any given time. He was the President who would descend in the mud to get results. He worked with the people in communal labors, he weeded and desilted the trenches at any given time.”

According to the legendary musician, the statesman was very humble and a lover of his music.

“He graced the first edition of my 24th Music Experience with his wife and also presented me with the Musician of the Year award. He would not miss my concerts with his wife.”

Speaking to MzGee on Simply Showbiz, Mr. Music Man narrated his encounter with the leader on a flight to the UK.

He was one of the few African leaders worth emulating, he led by example. I remember years back, on a flight with him to the UK, he was not accorded the respect which leads ought to be given, he was not worried and carried his luggage by himself. The Africans these were very marveled at how humble he was.”

He further stated that the arts industry has lost a treasure and Africans, in general, have also lost a beacon of hope and a true leader who had Africa at heart.


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