A bit of nudity doesn’t hurt – Ben Brako

Ben Brako and his wife

Veteran Ghanaian Highlife musician, Ben Brako has showing off a little skin does not hurt.

Late last year, Ben Brako and his wife broke the internet when they shared semi-nude photos of themselves on social media.

The couple were in shared a warm hug with most vital parts only covered by a colourful African cloth.

The pictures raised eyebrows as many criticized the veteran musician for showing off a little too much on social media.

Speaking on Kasapa FM,  “A bit of nudity doesn’t hurt but there is a difference between going semi-nude and going all nude. There is a tasty way of doing things because we are so close to nature. I try to do something very tasteful and I’m happy that a lot of people appreciate it and a lot are insulting and abusive about it as if that is what makes a person’s character but in reality, how you live your life determines what kind of a person you are.

“My wife and I always take memorable and meaningful pictures. I posted one of my wife’s pictures which was so nice and the reaction from a critic was that I’m using my wife’s nakedness to further my music career but I have no problem about that.”


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