A doctor fondled my breast at 37 military hospital when we took my dying mother there!


Imagine being distressed from the fact that anything could happen to your seriously ill mother who was not getting a bed in the hospital and a medical practitioner decided that was the perfect time to harass you.

This was what happened to Media Personality MzGee at the 37 military hospital in 2003.

Recounting  her experience on “Just Being Us”MzGee said:

“when we brought my mother to the 37 military hospital in 2003, there was no bed but before she was taken in some doctor held my breast”.

The Predator kept fondling her breast and asking “what is you name” a situation that shocked her to the bone and kept wondering why anybody will do such a thing to a teenager in such a situation:

“I realised that in that state alot of people get to abuse you especially when you are a woman”.

watch the rest here of the show here for more revelations


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