Actresses don’t like directors who don’t propose to them – Ola Micheal


Movie producer Ola Michael has said most actresses feel uncomfortable when movie directors or producers don’t propose to them.

Speaking on ‘The Gist’ with MzGee, the outspoken movie producer indicated that actresses feel directors will sideline them when they don’t sleep with them.

” I started the acting class about 15 years ago and I noticed that most of the ladies started leaving and I asked what the problem was and I was told it was because I wasn’t free with the ladies.

“So I realized that if you don’t date them or get close to them, they feel you don’t like them. The truth is that, if you don’t date them or have sex with some of them they feel you don’t like them so when the opportunity comes for you to cast them, you won’t cast them.” he explained

He disclosed that, ” So they will rather want to be with the directors who will sleep with them.”

Ola Michaels is among movie producers who have argued that women are not the only victims in sexual harassment cases in the movie industry.

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