Agriculture is the solution to Ghana’s problems – Dumelo

John Dumelo

Ghana actor turned farmer, John Dumelo has said Agriculture has the answer to most of Ghana’s problem.

The serial entrepreneur is of the view that most of the problems faced by the country currently can be managed should agriculture be given attention.

In a post on Twitter, John Dumelo stated that Ghana will have no need to import agro products if more of these produce are grown here on a large scale.

He posted: “Agriculture has the answer to most of Ghana’s problems. Most of our imports are agro-based. Imagine Ghana having large factories producing rice, meat products, tomato paste etc? There will be no need to import, we will export our surplus. It’s also important to note that these factories should be wholly Ghanaian owned. Change starts with us. Let’s start small in our own way to make agriculture great again!”.


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