Arrest Maurice Ampaw for Causing Fear and Panic-Castro’s Father Fumes!

Father of missing musician Castro, John Eshun, cannot fathom why private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has not been arrested for causing fear and panic with his comments on the disappearance of the popular musician.
Maurice Ampaw, in an earlier engagement, claimed that Castro’s father had stopped pursuing the matter of his son’s disappearance because of some gifts he received from Asamoah Gyan.He also claimed that Castro’s mother had been abandoned and therefore suffering.
But Mr. Eshun, in an interview with MzGee rejected these claims insisting the conduct of the legal practitioner is akin to causing fear and panic since he has failed to come clean on previous claims he reportedly made concerning the disappearance of Castro.
“If he is a lawyer, then his colleagues should advise him. He is making us panic with his misinformation. I wonder why the police have not come into the matter as he is causing fear and panic…Is he not the same man who said somewhere in September 2014 that he had some information about the disappearance? The media should ask him to release those information”

On Lawyer Ampaw’s allegations that the family had stopped pursuing the matter because some gifts they received from Asamoah Gyan, Mr. Eshun indicated that he has not heard from the footballer, as well as other colleagues who were at the venue where Castro was last seen in a long while.

Meanwhile, Mr. Eshun says that if Lawyer Ampaw is indeed seeking the best interest of the family, then he should do the right thing by engaging them, rather than misinforming the public on how they were faring.


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