Artist managers are disrespected because they Don’t Invest in themselves – Ubi Franklin


Artist managers have been urged to position themselves well so they are not disrespected by their artistes. This is coming from popular Nigerian artiste manager, Ubi Franklin.

According to the founder of Made Men Music Group, there is the need for artist managers to invest in themselves as they work on building their musicians.

The conversation about artist management was reignited after Stonebwoy allegedly made statements on UTV questioning the professionalism of artist managers in the country. Stonebwoy is alleged to have demanded to know if any artiste manager in Ghana can show produce a certificate on demand,  a move which did not sit well Bull Dog who took to facebook to describe the conduct of Stonebwoy as “unschooled”.

in an interview with Mzgee on TV3 New Day, Ubi Franklin stated that the failure on the part of managers to invest in themselves has led to they being disrespected by their artists;

“Every artist manager that is disrespected is disrespected because of positioning. If you position yourself very well as an artist manager, there’s nothing an artist will do to disrespect you. Right now in Nigeria, I’m one of the most respected artist managers. My track record can speak for me. I was able to do whatever I was doing to invest in other businesses. I’m a very strong brand. So I’m not a walk in the park. Everything is positioning. Artist manager should go and put themselves together, understand the things you’re going to do. If you are about to start artist management today, understand two things, as you’re building the artist, build yourself”



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