‘Atta Adwoa’ real life story, inspired by broken heart – Bosom P Yung

Bosom P Yung

New internet sensation, Bosom P Yung has explained that his viral song, ‘Ataa Adwoa’ was inspired by a broken heart.

In an interview on TV3’s NewDay with Berla Mundi, the political science graduate indicated that the song is based on his real life story.

“The song is based on my personal story. Atta Adwoa broke my heart. This was during my University days but Ataa Adwoa is not a real name. Its just an pseudonym I used in making the song. I got over her with time using soul music to console myself.” He stated

He also explained that he released the song over 7 months ago.

He also explained that his stage name ‘Bosom’ means ‘lesser god’ goving reasons for adopting the name.

“I got my name from the Bible because we according to the creation story, God created man in his own image and that makes us smaller gods too because we are duplicates of God himself.” He stated

He further explained, “for P Yung, the P stands for Prince which is my name and I chose Yung because I am the youngest son of my family.”


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