Auditor General chases Tourism ministry over ¢11million unsupported funeral donations and other payments


The Auditor General is threatening to surcharge officials of the ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts if management fails to retrieve a total of GH¢11,211,630.10 spent last year ‘without the relevant supporting documents to authenticate the payments’.

This was after it disallowed the said amount saying “Management made a total payment of GH¢11,211,630.10 vide 257 payment vouchers during the  period reviewed without the relevant supporting documents to authenticate the payments.”

According to the recently released ministries, departments and agencies audit report by the Ghana Audit Service, the payments were supposedly made by officials of the ministry and the Marine Drive Tourism Investment Project for several activities including funeral donations, honorarium and allowances for meetings and payment to third parties.

For example, the AG flagged as “unjustified payments” some ¢78,920.00 spent on “allowances and Funeral donations”, by the Marine Drive Tourism Investment Project.

The ministry was then tasked to recover the monies involved or risk being surcharged:

“We therefore disallowed the total expenditure of GH¢11,211,630.10 and recommended to management to recover the amount from the authorizing officers failure of which they would be surcharged”.

Please see below the institutions that made the payments, amounts involved and the specific remarks of the auditors in the report:












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