Award schemes in Ghana reward hype not talent – Mr. Logic


Artist manager, Mr. Logic, believes award schemes in Ghana celebrate popularity rather than talent and content.

There are a litany of award schemes in the country targeting and rewarding perceived excellence in various fields including the arts.

The recent fiasco surrounding the ‘Dr UN’ awards has revived questions about the integrity of these schemes with some demanding a thorough review of the entire sector to sanitize it.

Speaking on Simply Showbiz on Tv3 hosted by MzGee, the vociferous artist manager stated that “…our awards scheme has always been about popularity and hype. …if you have a business that is feeding negatively on the system, then what are you doing? You are doing damages to the system, no award scheme in Ghana awards content’’.

He further added “from the VGMAs to the 3Music Awards, which our colleagues are part of, they are all feeding on popularity and these are the people who are destroying the industry.”

However, when asked if all the winners of past award schemes were not awarded based on their talent and content, he retorted “that’s not for me to say”.


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