Bad publicity hurting us globally– KiDi


Singer KiDi has said the negative reports about artistes in the local media can affect them negatively on the international stage.

The ‘Thunder’ hitmaker cautioned the Ghanaian media on their style of reportage which he claims usually twists words by celebrities in interviews.

KiDi who lamented on how a recent interview he had was widely misrepresentative of what he said.

Speaking in an interview on AccraFM, KiDi said: “What people fail to realise is that all these stories go straight to Google, internationally. When someone types your name like [kidi], these articles come on Google and if someone wants to help you and he will type your name on Google and see all these news that Kidi has done this, has done that, meanwhile, there is nothing like that.”

“I went for an interview and I was asked if I will be happy if I win the artiste of the year award, and I answered: ‘Yes, I think I deserve it, so, I will thank God’. And they asked: ‘If I don’t win, who do I think can win?’ And I said Kuami Eugene. The next day I saw a headline: ‘Kidi says VGMA is for him; only Kuami Eugene can stop him’, which is not true, they have to stop that.” He added



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