Ban on Night Clubs, Drinking Bars and Beaches extended for Two Months -Akufo Addo


President Akufo Addo has extended the suspension of some entertainment services  by Two more months.

This means recreational activities including Sporting events and places like Nightclubs, Cinemas, drinking Spots, Bars, beaches and festivals remain banned until July 31, 2020.

The President made this known during his 10th address to the Nation on the CoronaVirus Pandemic;’ I have, by executive instrument…extended the suspension of the remaining public gatherings, as set out in E.I 64 of 15th March, Until 31st July. In here, i refer to the suspension of sporting events, nightclubs, cinemas, drinking spots, bars, beaches, festivals, funerals….”

President Akufo Addo however lifted the ban on sit-down services at  Restaurants for them to now have “seated services under appropriate social distancing arrangements and hygiene protocols”

He also gave the green light for “individual, non -contact sports” and “weddings…with limited numbers not exceeding 100 persons present, with the appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols”.

The President also announced measures for re-opening churches and mosques:

So, fellow Ghanaians, with effect from Friday, 5th June, we will begin Stage One of the process of easing restrictions.An abridged format for religious services can commence. Twenty-five percent (25%) attendance, with a maximum number of one hundred (100) congregants, can worship at a time in church or at the mosque, with a mandatory one metre rule of social distancing between congregants. In addition to the mandatory wearing of masks for all persons at all times in churches and mosques, a register of names and contact details of all worshippers and hand washing facilities and sanitisers must be provided, with a maximum duration of one (1) hour for each service. Religious institutions that are desirous of opening their premises to their members, such as churches, mosques and others, must disinfect, fumigate and put in place the requisite logistics needed to guarantee safe opening and operation. They must work with the designated, regulatory bodies and undertake test runs of the protocols I have outlined.

This is despite the nation recording over eight thousand cases as at Sunday, 31st May, President Akufo Addo gave the details of the Ghana’s covid-19 situation saying:

“under these measures, we have conducted two hundred and eighteen thousand, four hundred and twenty-five (218,425) tests; the number of positive cases stands at eight thousand and seventy (8,070); two thousand, nine hundred and forty-seven (2,947) persons have recovered; thirty-six (36) have sadly died; thirteen (13) persons are severely ill, with three (3) critically-ill for which (1) is on a ventilator; and five thousand and eighty-seven are responding to treatment at home, isolation centres and hospitals.”


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