Beauty Pageants are disguised for pimping agencies – Ola Micheal


Film producer and director, Ola Michael has claimed some Beauty Pageants are set up only to for organizers to have access to pimp ladies.

He disclosed that some of these organizers select ladies who come to such auditions and begin pimping them to wealthy me.

The entertainment critic in a conversation with MzGee on ‘The Gist’ said he has been approached by such people with offers to provide them ladies.

” I work with some few ladies so someone came to me that he wanted one of the ladies to be on his agency so I asked him to send me a video of what they do and what they actually do is to wear bikinis to usher.” he alleged

“I asked him how he got all the ladies and he said they try to set up a certain Miss ‘something’ and when they came for auditions, they discussed with them and they were interested so they sign them on our management label and manage them. And all they do is to expose themselves to usher and pimp them.” He added

Ola noted that the lack of supervision of beauty pageants in the country has brought forth these activities.

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