Being Fashionable as a Gospel musician allowed – Diana Hamilton

Gospel singer, Diana Hamilton

Gospel musician, Diana Antwi Hamilton has said it is allowed for Gospel musicians to be fashioned.

The UK based singer stated that God’s creation is an indication of his appreciation of beauty.

In a conversation on TV3’s New Day, the “Mo ne yo” hitmaker noted that God has style hence gospel musicians who are fashionable are in the right path.

“Its amazing the thoughts that people have but its allowed. I say God is a God that has an eye for beauty. God is a God of style.” She explained

The Bible says after he did anything, he stood back and said ‘This is good’ and so when he made me, he was very proud. Beautifying what God has done is a good thing but its the mindset. Its the mind with which you are wearing what you are wearing it. And whether you are being a hindrance to someone with what you are wearing.” The 2019 VGMA Gospel Artiste of the Year stated

Diana also added that there is nothing wrong with being fashionable as long as it is not preventing one from going to heaven.


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