#BeyondtheReturn: Over 30 things to do in Ghana this December


With barely 30 days to December, the “Beyond the Return” secretariat has released over 30 events and generally things to do in Ghana!
Beyond the Return” is a follow-up to the successful “Year Of Return” Ghana 2019’ campaign which commemorated the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of the first recorded enslaved Africans in Jamestown Virginia in 1619.

The landmark campaign also celebrated the resilience of the African over the past 400 years and welcomed all people of African origin to return to Africa especially Ghana.​

But due to the pandemic plans to fully commence the programmes under Beyond the Return agenda could not materialise fully!

Well, it appears, black people from all over the world are being welcomes back to Ghana for the end year festivities!
See below all the places and events lined up!👇🏿


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