Big Brother Africa was scripted – Former housemate Alex says

Alex Bomaye

A former housemate of one of Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Africa, Alex Bomaye has revealed the reality show was scripted.

Speaking to MzGee, the reality show star stated emphatically that all reality shows are scripted.

According to him, although producers of the show may not tell you the show is scripted from the onset, they pick a character trait you possess and exploit it.

“Reality shows are not real. Its scripted, all reality shows are scripted. They may not tell you to do this or that but in observing you they pick up a quality trait that you have and exploit it” he said

Alex further explained that though he is quite unaware of how to use fame well when he first entered the industry, he doesn’t have any regrets for all he has done.

“It is showbiz. We portray the character we want people to see us for. You know when fame gets to your head, you get a lot of attention and sometimes you become arrogant,” he explained.


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