Bullet, DKB and others preparing to demonstrate against government – Mimi Andani Michaels hints


The Director of NMJ Ghana, Mimi Andani Michaels has revealed that some celebrities have threatened to hit the streets and protest against the government.

This comes on the heels of the Gaming Commission of Ghana’s ban on pubic figures being used in advertisement and as ambassadors by betting companies, a move they believe commission such a move could lure young unsuspecting fans into gambling.

But Speaking to MzGee on the former reality TV star bemoaned the commission is only causing harm to the creative industry by taking away jobs from celebrities since the coronavirus pandemic has slowed their craft making them rely on ambassadorial roles for survival.

She then revealed the likes of Bullet, DKB and others have already made preparations to hit the streets in protest against the government and have invited other interested celebrities to join the struggle.

“I’ve had four calls this morning from different celebs to demonstrate not necessarily because of a particular betting company or not but just in general. First it was FDA and now, Gaming Commission.”

, “…as it stands now, their contract was terminated last month and they are very serious. Some have threatened to go on the streets to demonstrate and all that.”

This will be the second time in recent years such restrictions are been imposed on celebrities and public figures in Ghana.

The first was in connection with the advertisement of alcoholic beverages by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).


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