Cheating not enough reason to jilt my man – Belinda Dzattah

Belinda Dzattah

Actress Belinda Dzattah has said she will not leave her man should he cheat on her.

According to the plus size actress, her man would have to do more than cheat on her for her to walk out of a relationship.

Speaking in a conversation with MzGee on the Gee spot show on the topic, “How much can you endure for the sake of love”, Belinda outlined her reasons.

“I can take certain stuff for the sake of love. Someone will say if my man cheats on me, I will leave him but I don’t think that’s a reason for me to quit because we women cheat sometimes. Chatting and flirting with men is a form of cheating too but we think we can eat our cake and have it which is not good” she stated

“So if you cheat on me and you don’t rub it in my face, I won’t leave you but the minute you disrespect me and don’t appreciate me or you appear to be ungrateful, then I’m going to walk away”

She further indicated that a lady must assess herself well should a man cheat on her.

“If a man cheats on you, you the lady you must search yourself and work on yourself. Maybe there’s a loophole somewhere that’s why he’s cheating. So you need to work on yourself”


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