Christians are being brainwashed at church – Rex Omar

Rex Omar

Veteran Highlife musician, Rex Omar has said the church is brainwashing Christians.

According to him, although he was born into a Christian home, he quit attending church as far back as 1997.

Speaking on the Delay show, the Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), explained that there are many unanswered questions in Christianity and the bible that made him quit the church.

He added that although he is a firm believer of God, he doesn’t attend church.

“I was born into a Christian home but I had to stop along the line.

“I stopped attending Assemblies of God Church since 1997 because I have a direct contact to God. I believe in God and love him so much but church is not my thing for now.” he said

“There is hypocrisy at the church. People go to church for different reasons and I don’t like the fact that Christians are being brainwashed. The church makes you narrow minded in thinking,” the ‘Abiba’ hitmaker added.


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