Current ‘beefs’ nasty – Obrafour

Legendary rapper, Obrafuor

Legendary Ghanaian rapper, Obrafour has described the current spate of rivalry in the Ghanaian music industry as ‘nasty’.

According to the veteran rapper, music rivalry also known as ‘beefing’ is not entirely a bad thing but must be within the perspective of the art.

Speaking on Joy FM, the rap s)fo explained that ‘beefs’ during his days were strictly limited to the music of the other artistes and not beyond it.

“Reggie Rockstone in one of his songs says he was born with a microphone in his hands…the jab comes as no one is born with a microphone in their hands. it was just beautiful,” he stated

“At that time Lord Kenya and I realised that it was boosting our sales but whenever he comes to Accra I would go and visit him at his hotel…our beefs were just for the crowd,” he disclosed.

The ‘Rap Executioner’ as he is widely known as stepped into the threshold of the Ghanaian music industry in 1999.

He is known for songs like ‘Pae Mu Ka’, ‘Asem Sebe’, ‘Yaanom,’ ‘Maame’, ‘Kwame Nkrumah’, ‘Kasiebo, among others.

His ‘Pae Mu Ka’ album which has been touted to have awakened hiplife in Ghana is being celebrated to mark 20 years since its release.


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