D Black lacks common sense – Tinny


Hiplife artiste, Tinny has taken a swipe at his colleague rapper, D Black.

The two rappers who seem to be subtly feuding have gone back at each other after Tinny described D Black as a whack rapper.

D Black in a response to the description told MzGee in an interview that Tinny texted him to clarify his statement and beg him for a collaboration.

However, the Bard man family CEO who was peeved at the statement said he never begged D Black for a collaboration.

He said he instead told him to capitalise of the controversy to release a song together.

Explaining himself, the Ga rapper said: “I never begged D Black for a collaboration,”

“So if common sense isn’t telling him to make hay while the sun shines then I wonder how he’s being labelled as a business mogul in this industry,” he stated.

“I don’t think D Black understands the word ‘BEG’. Common sense is not for common people,” Tinny said.

He added, “Adwen no anyɛ ejuma, body no bɛ brɛ 😃ha😁ha😄ha #RealThingWeDo #GodBless #BMF” meaning “if the brain did not work, the body would be tired.


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