Dating for long before marriage needless – MzVee


Multiple award winning songstress, MzVee, has said she does not see the wisdom behind couples dating for a long period of time.

Speaking on UTV’s fitness show Chris’ Challenge, the ‘Natural Girl’ hitmaker indicated that long term relationships do not always guarantee good marriages.

According to her, “people date for four years and all, why, what do you want to study?

“See, the truth is that you cannot know anyone fully, people grow as time goes on. They evolve and they get to learn new things every day so why waste someone’s time all in the name of ‘I’m studying you’,” she said.

MzVee stated that couples who intend to get married need not stay in a relationship for more than a year and half.

She concluded: “I know some school of thought says at least the longest you can date is 18 months but the truth still remains, there is no point in dating for too long.”

Born Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, the 2018 BET awards nominee was away from the entertainment scene few months back fueling speculations that she was either pregnant and readying to get married or had problems with her record label lynx entertainment and thus was planning to leave the team.


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