Diamond Platnumz accuses Mr. P of P-Square of sleeping with his wife


Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz has accused Mr. P of the defunct P-Square group of sleeping with his ex wife, Ugandan socialite, Zari.

Diamond Platnumz who made the allegation during a radio interview said Mr. P was responsible for breaking his home.

In a swift rebuttal, Zari who has two children with Diamond swore she never cheated on him and went as far as praying that their two kids die if she ever cheated on him whilst they were dating.

”I will sacrifice my kids soul if I ever cheated on you. Own your mistakes and use them to grow and change into a better man. You can still reform” Zari wrote on her Instagram page.

“I was about to sleep and people started sending me these voice notes about how Nasibo (Diamond Platnumz) went to his radio tarnishing me, how I had a relationship with P-square, my personal trainer and all those things.

“And I’m just here thinking if you guys are gonna believe any words that come from a man like him, the same man who denied his own blood.

“If you all are gonna believe anything he say, then you all are just stupid just like him.” she added

The couple separated in February 2018.


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