“Divisions in the Arts Industry put Investors Off” – WIPA Prez Leonora Buckman Cries Out


The President of Women in Performing Arts, Leonora Buckman says key players in the industry have become their own enemies fighting every good initiative meant for their betterment.

Speaking to MzGee on TV3’s Simply Showbiz she recounted how divisions among players in the industry is making it repulsive to investors.

“We are fighting among ourselves and that makes it very difficult for investors to invest in the sectors. There is no unity in the sector which has caused our lagging behind. The divisions in the Arts industry put investors off”

She cited an instance in 2014, when her fellow creatives worked against her plan to get an office for their collective use.

“We sent the request to the ministry of information to aid us in getting an office space for the creatives and some people in the industry secretly influenced the ministry to abort the idea of granting our request.”

Treatment of Veterans

The Creative Arts expert is also unhappy about the poor treatment meted-out to the veterans in the industry.

“We don’t have to make them feel so lonely. Our veterans need our presence and love and not money as we have always envisaged. We ought to visit them regularly and cheer them up, some are very disappointed in the creative industry…When I talk to them, their responses clearly show they need people to visit them and talk to them. They are very disappointed that the young ones have no regard for them after working for many years to make the industry better. She explained.


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