EL is our role model that’s why we sound like him-Dopenation [VIDEO]


Ghanaian musical duo of identical twin brothers,DopeNation, have admitted that they take inspiration from Rapper EL and that may explain why  it appears they are “copying’ his style. 

They have been accused of lacking originality and mildly replicating the style of the award-winning rapper.  The recent wave of the accusations follow the release of their latest track “Thank God”.

Entertainment journalist Kwame Dadzie is on record to have posted on social media “what dopenation is doing to EL is not fair at all”. 

But in an interview with MzGee on TV3, the duo composed of Micheal Boafo, popularly known as B2, and Tony Boafo, known as Twist, said EL has indeed influenced their music positively hence the resemblance:

 ” he has done alot for us as a role model, he has influenced our music and he has made up to be better at music, when we were way back four years ago, fastforward our story is we came from Takoradi looking for someone to help us out in music, EL took us in as his sons, modified our beat making skills and then showed us a couple of things”

They then admitted that they somewhat sound like him saying “it is true that like one way or the other, we kinda like sound like him”

They however rejected the claim that it means they are robbing EL of his glory.

i dont get what they mean by taking the shine dierr, but you know if you look at EL, EL is one of the big names in the music industry and EL represents greatness in music so if you say i am copying copying EL i think you are saying i am copying copying greatness so ibi positive news for we”

They further dismissed claims that they are not original insisting ” we cant say we are not original, if you look at what is going on in Ghana right now, we are taking things from great people in the past, and the Nigerians are doing it they are taking music from Fela  and then they are putting into current music and its really making waves so, we dont have to wait for EL to die before we take it , we will definitely learn from whiles he is around, and we are doing well with what ever we are taking”. 

The duo then added that EL ” is even advising” them “on how to promote  their new song “Thank God”.





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