Film village necessary for Ghanaian Movie Industry – Kofi Adjorlolo

Veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adjorlolo has said the setting up of a film village is very important for the Ghanaian movie industry.

According to him, finding locations to shoot movies in recent times has become cumbersome.

He told MzGee in a conversation on Joynews’ ‘The Gist’ that producers spend a lot of money to secure good movie locations to shoot their movies.

” We need the film village. In the sense that sometimes when we go on locations, we’ll need hospitals, salons. And when it comes to the typical African movies, we need the African huts and villages. So its very important to have a film village.

“These days when we go to house to film, they charge exorbitant amounts. If you want to use cars, they charge even space they charge but here’s the case that we can build these kind of make believe spaces for the purpose of film so the film village is very important to us.”

Mr Adjorlolo further chastized the ruling government for their inability to fulfill the promises made to the creative arts industry.


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