Forget big names and go for talents – James Gardiner

Actor, James Gardiner

Actor James Gardiner has advised movie producers and directors to make better use of raw talents than big name actors.

According to James Gardiner, talented actors must be promoted rather than the usual known faces who have invaded the movie industry.

James told this to MzGee in a conversation which was in reaction to Nigerian film director, Frank Rajah Arase who admitted to sabotaging the careers of actors Ecow Smith-Asante and Eddie Nartey.

Frank Rajah sought the forgiveness of Eddie Nartey during a presentation at the Golden Movie Awards Africa, at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

The director, who was an integral member of Abdul Salam’s Venus Production back in the day said, his decision was borne out of immaturity.

In reaction, the light skin actor told MzGee ” Its amazing. It takes a lot. He puts his ego aside for him to come and say this outside on a stage and publicly for people to hear. That means he’s regretted what he’s done.” 

“We shouldn’t be sitting talents. If someone has talent, forget the big names and put talents out there. These are the sort of things we need to recommend and endorse” he added


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