“Nastily Corrupt” Ghana in the hands of Politicians who are “Common thieves”:Blakk Rasta


Ghanaian reggae musician and radio presenter at Zylofon FM Abubakar Ahmed Popularly known as Blakk Rasta has delivered a damning verdict on Ghana’s fight against corruption describing the nation as“Nastily Corrupt” and is in the hands of Politicians he describes as “common thieves”.

President Akufo-Addo and his New Patriotic Party (NPP) made the fight against corruption a major issue of their campaign ahead of the 2016 general elections. But many people have expressed dissatisfaction over the President’s handling of allegations of corruption against his ministers and other appointees.

In 2019, Ghana ranked 80 out of 180 countries/territories on the global Corruption Perception Index, (CPI), according to Transparency International (TI). The score of 41 shows that Ghana’s score remained the same compared to its CPI 2018 score (41).

Government has however often touted ongoing prosecutions, passage of the freedom of information bill and the set-up of the office of special prosecutor as its strongest when it comes to the fight against corruption.

But the controversial radio presenter disagrees. Speaking on his “Taxi Driver’ on thursday, Blakk Rasta said even the devil is struggling to match the height of corruption in Ghana:

“look how nastily corrupt this country is, that Satan himself in hell in fact is garnering energy and cannot garner enough energy match  the corruption that is running in Ghana, if it was a race Satan will place 100th and Ghana will be number one, very notorious for corruption, your notoriety has risen to levels that Satan himself is sitting in hell and applauding you that wow for the first time somebody has defeated me when it comes to corruption and wickedness, yet not one man has been thrown in jail, not one man has been gored for this corruption, so it makes us the tax payers those who are not politrickians sit back and say so these are just common thieves”

He further alleged that Ghanaian politicians have made a pact to steal the resources of the nation.

“one man is in power very notorious for corruption, when the opposition starts to cough they say wait it is not your time to loot, when they are impatient, they start mudslinging eachother”

The radio Presenter then accused accused the Ghanaian people of being confused by this system to the extent they fight those who are actually fighting corruption.

“you see tax payer his money is being stolen and he is supporting the thief and fighting the people who are trying to retrieve the stolen money and calling them thieves instead”. he argued.


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