Ghana movie industry has dropped – Irene Opare admits

Irene Opare (left) with Jackie Appiah

Veteran actress, Irene Opare has admitted there is a significant drop in the Ghanaian movie industry.

The 56 year old Thespian indicated that the movie industry in Ghana has not been the same in the past 8 years.

She hinted to MzGee in a conversation on Joynews that stakeholders have been meeting to find ways in reviving the industry to bring it back to its glorious days.

“All of a sudden, the industry just dropped. For over 5-8 years now the industry dropped. So we are all working at it to see how we can pick it up. We’ve been meeting to deliberate on where we went wrong and we are trying to revive it. It’ll come”

She argued that there are two factors to be blamed for the significant dip in the once vibrant industry.

” Two things dropped it. First is the Telenovelas. Secondly, there’s technology. Nowadays, people just pick their phones and they are watching movies. Unlike before when you need to queue before you enter a cinema hall or queue to buy CDs” She explained

Miss Opare also laid blame on the influx of telenovelas in the country on the lack of production of local content which she indicated was due to poor financing in the industry.


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