Ghana movie Industry is struggling, not dead – Actor Kweku Elliot

Actor Kweku Elliot

Actor Kweku Elliot has disagreed with the assertion that the Ghanaian movie industry is dead.

According to him, the industry is struggling but cannot be completely written off as dead.

In a chat with MzGee at the premiere of Yvonne Nelson’s latest production ‘Sin City’, the actor opined that if the industry is described as dead, then there will be no resurrection which he doesn’t agree with.

“We are struggling, it’s not dead. When you say its dead that means there is no resurrection for it. There is still production going on even though it’s less now but there are also people who are passionate and using their own pocket money to keep the industry alive”. He stated

“There are the likes of Yvonne Nelson, Kobi Rana, Kafui Danku, among others. But we need investors to help the industry so when people tout the industry as dead, I disagree. It’s not dead, it’s just struggling”. He added

In his view, the industry should be positioned well to attract investors to pump money in it to take it back to its glory days.

“We need to create room for investors to come in. Sometime back, the Ghanaian movie industry and the Nigerian movie industry were on top but the Nigerians came to Ghana and poached our people and expanded their market”.


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