Ghanaians don’t celebrate legends until they die – Edem


Rapper Edem has lamented over the Ghanaian culture of celebrating heroes only after their death.

The Volta Regime Music Group (VRMG) Boss said Ghanaians unlike other African nations, don’t celebrate national heroes enough

The ‘Over Again’ crooner in a conversation with MzGee on JoyNews at Obrafour’s ‘Back to Taifa Concert’ said:

” I don’t think Ghanaians will ever celebrate anyone enough until they are dead. hat is the Ghana mind-set. We do not expect anything less. A typical Ghanaian will never be satisfied until you are dead.”

Edem, who is preparing for the third edition of his Edemfest said he although there can be a change in such mindset in the future, the case is different at the moment.

“Things change and time changes people but for now, that is the mindset we have and it has been the case from Kwame Nkrumah’s time.

“We don’t celebrate Kwame Nkrumah like South Africans celebrate Mandela. We do not celebrate Rawlings as they do, we do not even celebrate Osibisa like some others celebrate Fela. We do not love our own until they are dead and gone”. 

Edemfest is set to come off from Friday, November 1 to 3.


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