Ghanaians treated me unfairly – Kwadee

Okomfo Kwadee

Rapper Okomfo Kwadee in an interview with Graphic Showbiz has said he has not been treated fairly by Ghanaians with regards to his health issues.

According to the ‘Ahwedee Abena’ hitmaker, although few people supported him through his ordeal, most people said unpleasant things to him during his trying times.

The music career of Okomfour Kwadee who was once Ghana’s favourite rapper due to his unique storytelling style of rap took a nosedive because of alleged mental illness.

“I don’t want to go into details what happened to me but the comments I heard were very bad. Although a few people showed appreciation, the majority said unpleasant things about me,” he said.

Born Jerry Anaba, Kwadee revealed that people have been telling him to change his style because he was irrelevant now.

“I have had people telling me to change my style but that is not going to happen because I am unique. Other artistes have tried to copy my style because I made a great impact with my music. I don’t follow trends and that is why I have massive support,” he said.


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