Golfer Danny List to launch foundation for raising Golf talents among children


Professional Golfer, Danny List is set to launch his foundation, The Danny List Foundation.

This non-profit charity is primarily focused on giving young men, women and children in Ghana the resources and opportunities to excel in athletics and help them access education and healthcare.

Currently playing his 3rd season on the PGA tours, Danny List grew up in Ghana and had a stellar start to his young career.

Although he grew up as a football player, at age 12 his passion for golf dominated his time.

Golfer Danny List to launch foundation for raising Golf talents among children
Professional Golfer, Danny List
He then received multiple scholarships offers to play college golf in the US, ultimately choosing to attend the University of Washington.

After turning professional at the age of 19, He still carries Ghana’s golfing hopes on his shoulders and is flying high the flag of the Black Star of Africa.

The young golfer traces his love for charity to his mother and grandmother insisting they instilled in him from a young age the importance of giving back to the community and the less privileged in society, a mentality that has stayed with me to this day.

It was on a golf course, when he travelled back to Ghana several months ago, that he had the epiphany to organise an impromptu junior clinic to teach golf to some kids.

He then put up a post on Instagram and the response was massive as a large group of amazing kids turned up at the Achimota Golf course for the beginners’ course and ended up with gifts such as golf balls and hats.

Golfer Danny List to launch foundation for raising Golf talents among children
For Danny List, it was the enthusiasm and determination to learn and improve that gave him joy and satisfaction.

From this very day, the vision was firmed up and the drive to establish the Daniel List Foundation was cemented.

According to the Young Golf Pro, “although charities do fantastic work in West Africa, this Foundation’s main focus is sports”.

This he said “is particularly important because sports serves as an escape from everyday stresses and distractions.

“It is trite learning that Children that are engaged in sporting activities are less likely to be involved in bad things and whether or not they choose to pursue sports as a career, it can give them extremely valuable life lessons”.

Danny List is equally mindful his background and experiences place him in a unique position to be a positive role model for young golfers in Ghana to look up to and “strive for similar and hopefully bigger things in life”.

One of the overarching goals of the Danny List Foundation is to build a multi-sports complex and academy in Ghana that will grant children access to suitable facilities and training to hone their athletic skills as well as give the exceptional athletes an opportunity to be noticed and set up for a career path in their desired field.


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