“I am not into Gimmicks”: D Black explains why some artistes left his record label


CEO of Black Avenue Muzik (BAM) Desmond Blackmore also known as D Black, has been giving reasons why a number of artists left his record label.

Over the years, the likes of Freda Rhymz, Dahlin Gage, Kobla Jnr and Wisa Greid exited the record label sparking rumours about the reasons for their departure.

Speaking to MzGee in an interview, D-Black said he believes artists should learn the ropes and grow organically. he then said he does not believe in creating controversies and gimmicks to forcefully push artists to the top.

He added most of the artists were unwilling to stay and go through this process. Watch the full interview for what D-black said about the status of Ms Forson.


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