I am tired of NPP and NDC, they’ve given us nothing-Mimi Andani Michaels


Chief Operating Officer of New Media Journey Ghana, Mimi Andani Michaels claims
successive Governments have failed the creative sector.
According to Mimi, whose agency is in charge of the Golden Movie Awards, the
sector has been taken for granted by Ghana’s leaders for far too long.
Reacting to the ban placed on celebrities by the Gaming Commission from
advertising betting on ‘Simply Showbiz’ with MzGee on TV3, Mimi shared her pain:
“What pains me is the Government, you give us nothing and then we create
something for ourselves and then your commissions come and take it away”.
She added that “Whether NDC, NPP, they both have given us nothing. All they do is
come and tell us stories, me, I am tired of them. They tells us stories and when it is
time, they do nothing”

Mimi then revealed the strategy adopted by the politicians to create the impression they care about the creative sector.
“They take a few of the gatekeepers and they give them certain positions to shut
people up, thats all. They take Mark, put him somewhere and next time when NDC is
in power, they will take Sadick and Co and give them some post and they will be quiet
then they will not fulfill their promises yet no one will talk because the people who
are supposed to talk have been shut up”.


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