I can’t Mess up! I am on a track with E.L now! Nova Blaq on his future in the Music industry


US Based Ghanaian Musician Nova Blaq (@cmnovablaq) says he has Absolutely no excuse to “mess-up” in the music industry now that he is playing ball with the Big Boys.

It had been said that 90% of all musicians fail and Yes this includes the talented ones too.

This is because there is enough evidence to suggest that your success as a musician isn’t down to talent.

Many have listed Mindset, hard work, patience, consistency and more as the things that shape a successful artist.

But for @Novablaqofficial who is featured on E.L’s Frodo Baggins, though Failure is all too common he sees collaborations like this as an opportunity and a reminder he has no option but to come clean and deliver.

He made these remarks to MzGee in a joint interview with EL! Watch it here


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