I change my husband’s name on my phone when i am upset- Abena Moet


Relationships are ground zero for getting hurt. Consequently, when a loved one hurts you in some way, your initial response may be anger or distance. You will want to fight them or fly from them.
Though this might not be completely healthy it is a normal reaction. This is because our brains are wired for survival. As a result, we’re born with fight-or-flight responses, and our fight-or-flight responses have a tendency to take control of our emotions.
In other words, when you’re hurt, your emotions will attempt to protect you by fighting against or retreating from the problem.
Well, for tough-talking Media Personality, Abena Moet, her go to response is to change how her husband’s number is saved on her phone whenever he annoys her.

You can say it is passive aggressive or even not as hardcore as she is known to be but to her it is her way of dealing with hurt and luckily when fences are mended she will then restore the contact.

This came up in her conversation with MzGee and Kwame B on the maiden edition of “Just Being Us”!

She further revealed she has always found her husband’s pet name for her problematic!
Here is why!




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