I Cried When Steve Harvey Posted My Content – Tiktoker Hannah Newman Conduah


US-based Ghanaian Content Creator, Hannah Newman Conduah says she shed tears when popular show host and comedian Steve Harvey shared her emulation of one of his shows.

Speaking on the entertainment segment of Tv3’s “New Day” with MzGee, the bubbly lady reveals she cried upon finding out the Hollywood icon had posted a popular work [a recreation of Steve Harvey on his “Family Feud” show] of hers which had gone viral. She describes the experience a “big deal” because of the time and energy she put into making the video. This, she says motivates her not to stop creating contents.

“…my little brother came to visit me from Missouri and I was in the basement filming another video. He started shouting [Hannah! Hannah!! Hannah!!!] Steve has posted you. I asked [in awe] “are you serious?”

“I started crying. It was so emotional for me because I put so much time into it. It actually motivated me to do more videos because I love making people laugh and making people happy. It is what motivates me as well.”

She reveals Tiktok pays her every month for her content creation and aside being a married lady, she isn’t bothered when people consider her comic skits an act of fooling.

Hannah rose to fame after her Tiktok video of her mimicking Steve Harvey and a Ghanaian contestant who pronounced “anger” in a funny accent on “Family Feud” Tv show hit the internet some months back. Aside making skits, she’s a self-taught hairstylist, makeup artist, and a house wife.



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