I curse men who use and dump me – Nikki Samonas

Actress, Nikki Samonas

Nikki Samonas has stated that she curses men who use and dump her unjustly.

The sultry Ghanaian actress indicated that she sees no need to drag a man to a ‘juju’ man to charm him when she can curse him with the water bodies in her hometown.

Nikki Samonas who is born to a Greek father and an Ashanti mother told MzGee in a conversation that she wastes no time on love portions locally known as “for boys”.

” If I date you and you dump me unjustly, I’ll curse you. What will I do with love portions when I can curse you. I’ll drag my buttocks and use the water bodies in my hometown to curse you.” She stated

Asked what assurance she has on whether the curses will materialize, Nikki retorted: ” Ah?! The water bodies in my hometown? Go and ask whether Antoa works or not.”


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