I didn’t make a penny from ‘Adventures of Kalybos’ – Kalybos

Comic Actor Kalybos

Comic actor, Kalybos has claimed he didn’t make a penny from his viral skits, ‘The Adventures of Kalybos.

According to the NAFTI graduate, he instead took his fees to help fund the skits.

Speaking on TV3’s Showbiz360 with Giovanni, the had no funding at that time hence had to put together resources by themselves to make the skits a reality.

“With skits, we never got anything from it. I quite remember we took some of our school fees to go rent cameras because we were students and we didn’t have any funding.” Kalybos stated

He added that: “Way back in 2016, we were all in NAFTI together with Ahuofe Patri and that’s where it all started. But then we all realized that gradually we were ushering ourselves into the movie industry which was paying more.”

Kalybos revealed that their sacrifices begun paying off after they were signed as brand ambassadors of a telecommunication giant in the country.

He added that busy schedules between him and actress, Ahofe Patri halted the shooting of the skits.


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