I don’t grant interviews because Ghanaian interviewers are boring – Criss Waddle

Criss Waddle

AMG business boss, Criss Waddle has said his reason for refusing to grant interviews is due to the style of Ghanaian interviewers.

The ‘Bie Gya’ hitmaker indicated that he hardly grants interviews lately because they are always boring.

In the tweet, Waddle wrote: “I hardly grant interviews cus it’s always boring… so when is the album coming out? Who did you feature on it? What should ur fans expect from u? What do u do aside music? Thank u very much for coming,we hope to have u here next time ah ah ah GHANA.”

This is not the first time Criss Waddle is making the news for calling out the Ghanaian media as he is noted to have bashed bloggers for not writing and promoting his songs.



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