I don’t intend removing my braces soon – Kofi Mole

Kofi Mole

Rapper, Kofi Mole has disclosed that he has no intention of taking off his braces any time soon.

The ‘Mensah’ hitmaker who revealed that the earlier purpose of wearing the braces were to straighten his teeth are now a fashion accessory.

He told MzGee in a conversation that people clodse to him and his fans have expressed their admiration for the braces hence his decision to keep it a little longer.

I wore it because I was trying to straighten my teeth. They weren’t that straight. I’ve been wearing it for four years now. Although its straight now, I don’t want to take the braces off.People like it. They don’t want to see it off.” He stated

Asked if the braces doesn’t hinder his eating habits, Mole answered: “I don’t suffer to it with the braces on. I eat correctly. I even chew bones although my dentist advised against it but I’m cool because nothing happens to it.”

The ‘Bestie’ crooner however indicated that his speech was in a way affected by the braces.


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