I haven’t had a goodnight sleep since I was robbed in 2006- Mzbel


Hiplife artiste, Mzbel has detailed how a horrifying robbery attack on her in 2006 has deprived her of a good sleep.

According to the ‘16 years’ singer, she still freaks out at the sound of noise whenever she is trying to sleep.

Mzbel was robbed and sexually assaulted by a gang of three armed robbers at her New Gbawe residence in Accra in 2006.

One of her two friends who were with her at the time of the incident, was also sexually assaulted by the robbers.

Speaking to MzGee on the Gee Spot show, Mzbel chronicled some of her setbacks in her personal and professional life and how she was able to come out of it successfully.

“I have had a lot of challenges in my career. I believe it started with how I was launched into the industry. There was no proper preparation, no plans, no training, nothing. Music just came to me by chance, I took it and I was just having fun and making one mistake to the other. And people kept criticizing me. And I didn’t care because I was selling and making money and travelling the world until I finally became a mother and decided to take a break and I took time to analyze everything I had been through and it wasn’t easy,” she explained.

“At a point, I wanted to give up completely. Because I became a mother and I was a Christian who attended church. So I said why don’t I take that as an advantage to quit and say I found God and I’ve changed my life and this is not good for me.” she added

Mzbel noted that she felt she was finally getting public sympathy when she was attacked at her Gbawe home by armed robbers only for her to be blamed for indecent dressing which attracted the robbers.

“I was traumatized. I couldn’t stay in my house so we had to move to a different location for a week then move to a hotel for a week. I had to see a psychologist. Even up till now when I hear a loud sound that sounds like a gun shot, I panic and freak out. I haven’t been able to sleep well since because I wake up to the slightest noise”.


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