“I heal people with my voice, focus on that and not on my piercings” – Wendy Shay claps back


songstress Wendy Shay has reacted to constant criticisms about her multiple piercings.

According to the RuffTown signee, she is unperturbed about her negative comments on her looks because her primary purpose is to serve the people with music.

She reiterated that she has been in love with piercings all her life and it is part of her artistry so she is not bothered about reactions from the public, insisting Ghanaians should focus on her voice which heals.

“I’ve loved piercings all my life and it is my way of portraying my artistry. We are all at liberty to do whatever we want as far as it is not offensive. As long as I keep releasing good music for the people, Ghanaians should focus on my healing people with my voice and not the piercings.

She asserts that she has been traumatized on multiple occasions by the constant cyberbullying meted-out to her by the very people she is entertaining such that Ghanaians have never given her a chance to be herself in the music industry.


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