I limited social media posts to control trolls – Belinda Dzattah

Belinda Dzattah

Plus Size Ghanaian actress, Belinda Dzattah, has said her past experience with trolls has taught her a lesson on the content she puts out on her social media pages.

Speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the ‘Heels and Sneakers’ actress said a very unpleasant experience with a troll on Instagram has helped her to post images of herself carefully on social media.

“I have been there before, I remember I wore a bikini and posted the picture on my Instagram page and someone came to comment that I was wearing a sack.

“In fact, it was a movie poster and we were about five girls in bikini. Interestingly, I was the only one the person picked on, comparing my size to that of the others.

“What he wrote was not pleasant so I quickly deleted the comment and then I blocked him. That was my wake-up call, that when you post right on social media, you get the right response.

“This is not to say cyber bullying is a good thing but you do not have control over what someone will write, it is rather what you put out there that you can control,” she told Showbiz.

The actress further advised ladies with her body type to know what works best on their bodies before posting them online to avoid being bullied on social media.

She stressed: “Do not allow anyone bring you down because of who are, you are beautiful in your own way. Exercise to stay healthy, eat well and wear dresses that flatter your body.”



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