I used to be a Garbage Collector to raise money as a child- Fameye

Musician, Fameye

After losing his parents at infancy, the ‘Nothing I Get’ hitmaker has revealed he had to collect the waste from his neighbours in a wheelbarrow to make ends meet.

Fameye explained to MzGee on “Just Being Us” life became tough after he left his very caring grandmother to live with another family member and her immediate family.

While he was not discounting the dignity of hardwork he felt he was being overburdened with house chores when his guardian’s could have helped.

He further explained that “because there was no money coming in and all that i had to do extra-work for other people for my neighbours”

His daily routine included waking u at dawn “ 4 with a wheel barrow I will collect garbage from people’s home to the dumpsite so that i could raise some money”

He also revealed that outsiders were wondering why he lived with a family that was comfortable yet he always seen “ soo wretched

Fameye also stated that recollecting these events always brought tears into his eyes.

Watch the rest of his humble beginning here


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