“It is wrong the veterans are sidelined in movies now” – Actress Monica Quarcoopome

MzGee with Monica Quarcoopome

Ghanaian veteran actress, Monica Quarcoopome, has described as worrying the sidelining of veterans in the movie industry.

She believes this is one of the reasons why Ghana’s movie industry is lagging behind since the fresh ones are unable to tap into the rich experience of the old.

“It is wrong the veterans are sidelined in movies now like we have been deserted in the industry.  We are not given roles in the new movies unlike my colleagues in Nigeria whom I started with, they are still relevant to date.” She cried out

She advised that movie get their priorities right and seek counsel from the experienced to restructure the industry and avoid giving elderly roles to young men and women.

She then lauded the late former President Rawlings for his immense contributions to the arts industry when it was sinking.

She explained to MzGee that he supported major local programs like Key Soap Concert Party, By The Fire Side, and also PANAFEST which projected the industry beyond the shores of Ghana.

He did very well for us, he boosted the programs across the country and also channeled all his efforts into changing the face of the industry. He assisted in discovering many talents in arts.”


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