It’s a Blessing to be Amy Newman’s daughter– Hannah Newman Conduah


Tiktoker, Hannah Newman Conduah says it’s a blessing to be the offspring of veteran gospel musician, Amy Amber Newman.

In an interview on the entertainment segment of “New Day” on Tv3 hosted by MzGee, Hannah mentioned the great qualities her mother possesses which inspire and motivate her to be a better person.

On the question of how it feels like being the daughter of the celebrated gospel superstar, she said:

“It’s a blessing to me because in Amy Newman, I can find a role model – somebody I can look up to, somebody that inspires me, somebody that motivates me to be a better person. She’s also a mum, caring, she’s sweet and loving.”

She further revealed that there are privileges of being a celebrity child and recounted some of them.

“…mostly at the airport, I’m told I look like someone popular. They open my passport and realize my maiden name [Newman] then they figure out whose daughter I am. I’m always treated right; it’s a beautiful thing and it happens to me all the time.”

Hannah is one of the eight children of the renowned gospel musician. She resides in the US with her husband and is prominent for her hilarious skits.


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